A Tes Trousses are:

Nicolas: drums/percussion
Jonathan: vocals/flute/multi-instrumentalist
Thom: (bass) guitar
Quentin: keyboard/keys/vocals

These talented, fun-loving musicians play wonderful, varied, and playful Ecstatic/Conscious Dance waves. They follow the inspiration of the moment and the energy and flow of the dancers.

A Tes Trousses invites you to leave words behind. What can a collective conversation look like if the mind is at rest?

What quality of listening are we capable of when different senses are awake? When bodies launch themselves into what appears to be a beautifully orchestrated choreography of chance?

The musicians have many years of experience in making music together, as well as in (impro)theatre. They love to play with both.

A Tes Trousses guarantees a special dance journey every time...

Ecstatic Dance impro videos:

° @ De Okelaar

° @ Brussel

° @ L' Accroche


YouTube channel: A Tes Trousses

Facebook page: A Tes Trousses

He is remembering," I say.

"Remembering what?""

It's a word I use for praying. Sometimes it's like waiting for music to come out of the silence.” 

― Francisco X. Stork, Marcelo in the Real World





















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