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As a child, I loved to dance and sing, preferably with

the door shut so that no one could 

see or hear me. It gave me energy
and all the tension that I had built up in my
my body flowed away.


Dance is my second heartbeat.
Now still I connect with my inner self, I feel

Alive when I dance.

I did many different dance courses: contemporary dance, African and Indian dance, flamenco, contact improvisation, sacred dance, body and voice work at the Kleine Tiki and came home (again) to intuitive, free dance. Now I love to dance with - and am inspired by - Cecile Klefstad, Frie Lavelli, Chris Camp, Thea Spanjers, Geert Meeus (5 Rhythms), Sue Rickards (Open Floor, 5 Rhythms) and on the Ecstatic Dance floor, among others. I followed the Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training in Amsterdam with Caroline S' Jegers, Léon Beckx and Tom Goldhand. In France, I did the Open Floor Ground Lab guided by Lucie Nérot and Stacey Butcher.

I have learned so, so much about body, heart, mind and soul from my life mentor Jef Vangenechten. He shared with me his own life wisdom and the wisdom that was handed to him by healers and shamans on his many journeys. From him, I learned through trial and error to love myself. A process still in progress. I continue my life learning process with Remke Kamphuis (Inner Child, Healing Cuddling, Trauma Healing), Sabine Vandingenen (Art of Connection, Nonviolent Communication), Savera Noriega (Touchstudio, Somatic Experience, trauma therapy, Learning Love Method) and Brechtje Schoofs (4 Dimensional Massage, The Immortal Woman), Alexa Mira (Temple of Tantric Arts) en Lisette Hofmans.

And with all the people around me, Life itself...

'When I dance, my soul is purring'.

- An



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